take the time
to breathe

take the time to breathe


It’s been seven years since Benvenue released their last studio EP, Jean Elizabeth. During that time, they were local to the LA rock scene, a fresh ear to critics, and made their way to The Roxy’s AUSTIN ROX at SXSW in 2012, playing with Imagine Dragons, Cherry Bombs, and Doomtree. Since then, the band – which claims Berkeley, CA as its birth place – has taken time to continue develop as artists and find a strong production team who could elevate them to another level. Their first single “Wake Up Now” co-produced with Jason Mater, is a call to not only their fans, but to the world to be more cognizant about how we take care of our planet and ourselves in turn. Driven by in-your-face guitar chords, heavy-hitting bass lines and hip-hop infused drum beats – all masterfully blended with command vocals delivering poetic lyrics that make the listener think – the band’s first release is definitely a command to be heard. The “Wake Up Now” single released with a lyric video is intentional – fans not only rock to the music, but also pay closer attention to the message.

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